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Plan for Future with EA’s Outsourced Business Analysts

Go beyond capturing just requirements and achieve significant strategic gains with Expertise Accelerated’s business analysis capabilities.

If you are looking to optimize, modernize or digitize operations, experienced business analysts at Expertise Accelerated will help you deliver predictable, consistent and credible project results with resources that will help you capture the requirements accurately the first time and boost productivity with deeper domain knowledge.

Expertise Accelerated can provide Business Analysts to do more than just capture requirements. They can help analyze current operations, identify shortfalls in performance and devise effective product development strategies that are aligned to the business needs. Leverage the global talent pool of Expertise Accelerated for your resource requirements so that you can maximize strategic gain while significantly reducing the project cost.

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Business Analysts


Understanding Requirements

  • Identify Stakeholders
  • Understand Current State
  • Document Requirements

Formulate Plan

  • Scope, Methodology
  • Deliverables
  • Timelines

Gap Analysis

  • Assess Existing Processes
  • Identify Gaps
  • Design Future State

Technical Implementation

  • Review Solution Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • User Acceptance Testing

End User Training

  • Training Material
  • User Training
  • Communication of Results

EA’s business analysis services to pace up your organization

Business analysis is the process of identifying and formulating the needs for change for change within organizations and supporting the organizational change process. A business analyst, hence, identifies and proposes solutions for adding to the value that an organization delivers to its shareholder and the stakeholders at large. In technical terms, a business analyst deals predominately with analyzing the business processes. More specialized roles in business analysis include business process analyst, financial business analyst and business operations analyst.

A certified business analysis professional is a professional certification and registered trademark from the International Institute of Business Analysis.

EA’s Business Analyst Services are high-quality staff augmentation solutions based on recruiting handpicked business analysts from its global offshore talent pool and intensively training them to serve as strategic assets of the client companies, helping reengineer business processes for greater efficiency and cost optimization.

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What does a business analyst do?

Business analysts’ primarily role is to analyze how a business or its process or a set of processes are operating, and advising ways to optimize/improve them.

It is a promising career because of the high salaries, abundant potential for career growth, plenty of jobs opportunities, high job satisfaction and work-life balance.

Business analyst’s job is reportedly less stressful compared to a mainstream finance job owing to its flexible work options.

The job of a business analyst is moderately difficult in relation to jobs of a technical nature in the field of accounting and finance, such as a forecasting specialist, but understandably difficult compared to beginner-to-intermediate level jobs such as that of a QuickBooks operator.

The per annum salary of a remote business analyst can range from $65,000—$135,000 on average. However, this cost can be reduced through hiring of outsourced resources.