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As turbulence grows across the markets worldwide, input cost hikes and margins squeeze, the fight for competitive foothold intensifies among the consumer goods (CG) companies, and hence the strategic and tactical significance of Trade Promotions Management (TPM).

However, bringing about synchronization and congruity among the underlying complex variables that define the success of TPM campaigns requires a high degree of expert interaction among all the stakeholders – manufacturers, distributors and retailers – as well as the concerned departments within the organization – finance, planning and sales – which is neither easy to achieve nor practical for many CG companies.

Expertise Accelerated can leverage its global talent pool to provide you with offshore resources that can fill in the capacity gap and shield your TPM campaigns against poor ROIs.

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Trade Promotions Management

Data Driven Planning

  • Global Brand Plan
  • Promotion Guidelines
  • Promotion Plans
  • Trade Budget Allocation

Chargeback Verification

  • Retailer Backup
  • Promotion Contracts
  • Syndicated Data Analysis
  • Internal Approvals

Promotion Reporting

  • Baseline
  • Lifts
  • ROI Analysis
  • Month End Reporting

Period End Closing

  • Month End Accruals
  • Accrual Analysis
  • Reconciliation with GL
  • Unauthorized Spend

Hitting Positive ROIs on Trade Spend with EA’s Trade Promotions Management Services

Trade Promotions Management is the overall process of managing the trade spend of a CPG company at a retail and food service level to achieve a positive ROI on it.

Even though often neglected, Trade Spend Management is a matter of prime concern for most CPG companies as the spend on promotions forms a significant part of the company’s expense, sometimes as high as 30 percent.

EA CEO Haroon Jafree (CPA) is a Connecticut-based CPG expert specializing in Trade Promotion Optimization.

Having served over 25 years in the US CPG industry, including over 10 years in a C-suite role, Haroon has amassed the expertise in Trade Spend Optimization. Haroon has a proven track record of deploying reengineered processes and trained professional resources to help companies achieve a positive ROI on their trade spend.

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What is an example of a trade promotion?

Trade promotions can come in many forms, such as a specific percentage of discount to bring down the price of a product for a certain period of time or a discount pack in which buying more than one or a certain quantity of product would cumulatively cost less.

Trade promotions are designed to bring the ideal deals for the customers, which helps create customer loyalty and hence competitive advantage in the long run.

Trade promotions primarily seek to increase sales through customers perception management.

Trade promotions generally comes in the form of trade allowances, cooperative advertising, dealer listing, gifts and premiums, material displays, etc.

The average salary of a trade promotions manager is between $85-$110k.