Planning and Budgeting – FP&A

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Plan for Future with EA’s Outsourced Planning and Budgeting – FP&A

Preemptively make the strategic strides with Expertise Accelerated’s support on Planning and Budgeting.

Business strategists are classifying the prevailing business environment as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, which has brought the concept of corporate foresight to limelight. Business survival today hinges on preemptively responding to environmental shifts, which has increased the importance of budgeting and management reporting more than ever before.

Expertise Accelerated can mobilize its global talent pool to provide you with experts who can prepare comprehensive financial projections for your business, empowering you to predict the future with a high degree of accuracy.

When you can leverage Expertise Accelerated’s resources to make the right decision, why risk making the wrong one?

Leverage experts from Expertise Accelerated’s global talent pool to predict the future right through robust budgeting and forecasting, and keep your stakeholders informed through a vigorous management reporting process.

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Planning and Budgeting – FP&A

Revenue – Volume, Price, Mix

  • Channel Strategies
  • Projections
  • Execution Timelines
  • Product Innovation / Disco.

Trade Spend and Sales Discounts

  • Spend by Channel
  • Promotion Strategy
  • Retailer Strategy
  • Promotional Calendar

Cost of Goods

  • Bill of Material
  • Purchasing Savings 
  • Manufacturing Efficiencies
  • Production Footprint

Selling, Marketing & General Admin

  • Strategic Goals
  • Zero-based Budgeting
  • ROIs on Project Spend
  • Efficiencies and Savings

Current Assets and Liabilities

  • Receivable & Payable Planning
  • Working Capital Projections

Assets and Inventory Projections

  • Capital Expenditure Plans
  • ROI Calculations
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Working Capital Projections

LT & ST Financing Projections

  • Shareholder Investment Projections
  • Bank Loan and Overdraft Projections
  • Working Capital Management

FP&A Services With High Accuracy and Assured Results

Financial Planning & Analysis has evolved to become a key component of strategic decision making amid the prevailing volatility and, hence, FP&A Consulting has become more important than ever before.

EA’s financial planning solutions are geared toward expanding the window of visibility to the company’s strategists, allowing them to steer into the future with greater clarity and corporate foresight.

Even though the company’s top management is responsible for it, outsourcing financial planning is growing in popularity because of the growing complexity of the business environment.

FP&A experts can help companies strategize for competitive breakthroughs amid the contemporary challenges of raging inflation and labor crunch.

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What is planning and budgeting?

Planning & budget is a business process undertaken to strategize the allocation and commitment of resources for achievement of defined business targets.

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is a canopy term constituting of four major activities, namely planning & budgeting, integrated financial planning, management and performance reporting and forecasting and modeling.

Yes, planning & budgeting is one of the four key activities falling in the ambit of FP&A.

FP&A specialists are usually professional accountants or field professionals with accounting degrees, who have worked with accounting firms or Fortune companies.