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Achieve higher agility and output in your projects with Expertise Accelerated’s project management support services.

Project/Program Managers specialize in planning, coordinating, and executing projects, from conceptualization to completion, keeping in view specific client requirements and constraints. The end goal is to complete the project within time and budget.

Expertise Accelerated provides trained offshore resources that integrate with existing teams to boost capacity and add value to your project. Our experienced management team will match your needs with the right resource from its global talent pool to help you achieve your strategic objectives with assured quality and affordability.

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Project / Program Managers


Conception and Initiation

  • Business Case
  • Feasibility Study
  • Project Team

Definition and Planning

  • Project Plan
  • Resource Allocation
  • Timelines

Launch and Execution

  • Develop & Test
  •  Implementation
  • Coordination
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  • Measure 
  • Evaluate
  • Correct

Project Close

  • Sponsor Reporting
  • Customer Sign off
  • Documentation

EA’s Project Management Services for Success Amid Challenges

From the perspective of a third-party service provider, project management refers to leveraging resources of an intellectual and/or tangible nature to deliver value to the client. Such resources can come in the form of knowledge, skills, expertise, systems, tools, etc.

Project management outsourcing means outsourcing a particular project or a series of projects to a third-party service provider. Companies outsource project management for a range of reasons or considerations, such as cost savings, dearth of in-house intellectual resources, or a lack of infrastructural capacity.

Outsourced program management is a rather refined form of outsourced project management in which entire programs are organized, managed, and delivered by third-party service providers.

For EA, outsourcing project management services means leveraging its staff augmentation expertise to strengthen your project teams using its intensively trained, high-quality project managers/consultants for assured project success.

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What does a program manager do?

A program manager is the managerial and strategic steward of a program. The program manager is the holistic manager responsible for the successful execution of the program itself and the individual projects falling in its jurisdiction.

A program project manager is managing an individual project under a program and is reporting to the program manager. While a program manager provides a strategic direction and management to the entire program, a project manager is responsible for the successful management and execution of an individual project falling in its ambit.

Bookkeeper salaries typically range between $39,000 to $50,000 per annum in the United States, but substantial savings are possible through outsourcing and staff augmentation solutions. Expertise Accelerated commits to deliver 60% payroll savings on accounting services through its quality-assured outsourcing and staff augmentation solutions.