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Plan for Future with EA’s Outsourced Sales Order Processing & Invoicing

Ensure speedy sales cycle with Expertise Accelerated’s support on timely processing of sales orders and invoicing.

Your client portfolio is the most important part of your business, which you have developed through relentless efforts for days, months or even years. Is it wise then to let a suboptimal sales order processing & invoicing function ruin your hard-earned achievements? Not at all!

It is imperative for your business growth and sustainability that not only are all the sales orders processed on time but also invoiced and followed up for prompt payments.

The sales cycle is deemed to have completed successfully only when a product sold or a service rendered translates into cash flow for the company.

Leverage on Expertise Accelerated’s professionals from its global talent pool and let us partner to optimize and standardize your sales order processing and invoicing process.

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Sales Order Processing & Invoicing

Master Maintenance – Item, Customer, Pricing

  • Restricted Access 
  • Controls to Ensure Only Authorized Changes
  • Periodic Data Cleansing
  • Exception Reports Review and Approval

Sales Order Processing

  • EDI Automation
  • Verify Terms of Sale and Pricing
  • Ensure Availability of Product
  • Resolution of Customer Queries

Discounts & Credit Limits Verification

  • Accuracy of Discounts and Rebates
  • Credit Terms and Credit Limits
  • On-hold Order Resolution


  • Follow-up on Order fulfillment 
  • Shipment Scheduling
  • Communication with Customers


  • Timely Invoicing
  • Automation of Invoice Transmission

Period End Closing

  • Reconciliation Invoicing vs. Goods Shipped
  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • Revenue Recognition

Order-To-Cash Optimization Services

Order processing is an important stage of the Order-To-Cash cycle. Referred to as Sales Order Processing, the process entails generating Sales Orders against the Purchase Orders received from the customers. Expertise Accelerated provides Order Processing Services as part of its outsourcing and staff augmentation solutions geared toward delivering 60 percent payroll savings and process efficiencies to the client. If you are considering outsourcing order processing or augmenting your order processing staff, EA can be your partner of choice.



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What are the steps in the sales ordering process?

At the most basic level, a sales ordering process involves receiving the order, generating a sales order against it, assembling the product/organizing the service to be delivered against it, having that product or the service shipped or delivered, and involving the same to the customer.

Sales order is generated by the vendor at an initial stage of the sales process to confirm receipt of a purchase order from a customer, while an invoice is generated at the concluding stage of this process to bill the customers for the product or the service delivered.

Sales orders could be of various types, the most known ones being: cash orders, rush orders, scheduled orders, consignment fill-up and issue, third party orders, etc.

Theoretically, the sales order process starts when a customer requests a quote from a vendor.

The vendor responds to the request by sending a quote to the customers.

If the quote is found to be suitable/acceptable, the customer will send a purcahse order to the vendor.

The vendor will generate a sales order in acknowledgement thereof in their system.

It is at this point that the sales ordering process concludes.