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Ensure cash adequacy while meeting operational and strategic commitments with Expertise Accelerated’s support on cash flow projections.

Liquidity is the lifeline of any business, which is why rationalized and optimized management of cash is of immense importance for the management. Companies that fail to project cash flow accurately face the risk of running into a liquidity trap – a state of operational burnout which makes even a profitable company cashless.

The business landscape today is in a state of continuous change, requiring companies to make cash flow projections on an ongoing basis. 

Leverage Expertise Accelerated’s professionals from its global talent pool who can generate cash flow projections for your business with a high degree of accuracy, giving you the liberty to cruise through periods of turbulence with confidence and relative stability.

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Cash Flow Projections

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Cash Flow Projection Services for All-Time Liquid Operations

Cash flow is of immense importance to any business as a cash starving business is inherently more vulnerable to liquidation compared to a cash healthy business during times of recession. Poor liquidity, in fact, is a recipe for closure amid recessive spells, and, therefore, Cash Flow Projections are important.

The importance of cash flow projections for startup business is even higher due to their organizational fragility. A major cause of startup failures is the founding management’s inability to project income and expenses in the takeoff period leading to misallocation of cash funds.

EA leverages its unique staff augmentation and outsourcing methodologies to deploy high-quality and trained FP&A professionals to prepare cash flow projections with a high level of accuracy, preventing a cash drought within the client company. Similarly, EA can also provide the same service if you need cash flow projections for small business plan.

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What do you mean by cash flow projects?

Projects involving negative cash flow, i.e. cash outlay, followed by a positive cash flow, cash inflow, are referred to as cash flow projects.

Normal cash flows have a systematic change of cash flow direction, i.e. outflows followed by inflows, whereas, non-normal cash flows have an unsystematic or random change of cash flow direction.

Free cash flow is calculated by adding depreciation or amortization in net income and deducting the change in working capital as well as capital expenditure.

Operating cash flow is calculated by adding depreciating and change in working capital to operating income and deducting taxes.

A project cash flow can be created by estimating the total cash inflows and cash outflows associated with and attributable to a project over its stipulated duration.

Management of project cash flows is a comprehensive process requiring tactfulness in negotiations of terms, vigilance and proactivity in chasing recoveries and expediting payments, and capitalizing on bulk payment discounts and minutely tracking cash inflows and outflows and maintaining up-to-date record for all the business transacted.