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Maintain healthy supply of cash across operational spectrum with Expertise Accelerated’s support on Accounts Receivable optimization

The prevalent times call for effective cash management, an integral part of which is an optimized accounts receivable function. If your accounts receivables function is sub-optimized, you need to intervene. 

But what does it take to have an optimized Accounts Receivables function? According to famed research and benchmarks, system integration, automation, and tracking of key metrics can increase the recoveries manifold, consolidating the company’s position on cash.

Expertise Accelerated leverages its global talent pool to provide you with the human capital you need to optimize your Accounts Receivables function by:

    1. Developing standardized processes;
    2. Make rigorous follow-ups on aging balances;
    3. Reducing reliance on cumbersome paper-based records;
    4. Enhancing operational transparency; and
    5. Shrinking the receivables collection period.

Expertise Accelerated is your gateway to assured quality with reduced cost.

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Accounts Receivable & Collections


  • Follow-up invoices on Customer Portals 
  • Offer payment plans

Resolution of Customer Queries

  • Resolve queries
  • Issue Credits Notes
  • Process Adjustments

Credit Memo Processing

  • Check Payment Tracking
  • Process Receipts via Credit Cards 
  • Cash Application

Collection & Cash Application

  • Reconciliation with Sub-ledger
  • Bank Reconciliation

Accounts Receivable Management Services for High Cash Inflow

Expertise Accelerated leverages its unique staff augmentation and outsourcing methodology to deliver high-quality Accounts Receivable Management Services geared toward strengthening customer relationship management and boosting liquidity side by side.

EA delivers its accounts receivable services either by augmenting the client’s existing accounting & finance staff or by outsourcing the entire function, and in either case, the engagement is led by its Connecticut-based Team Leads and executed by handpicked and intensively trained offshore accounting & finance professionals.

Companies that outsource accounts receivable to EA will find that as a service provider, EA’s designated team will follow up on the outstanding invoices, initially focusing more on the aged receivables, and expedite recoveries in addition to ensuring completeness of documentation pertaining to the current balances within the individual customer portals. EA collections staff is trained to cross-communicate with the internal and external stakeholders, including the company’s accounts & finance, sales, and logistics teams, as well as brokers operating on behalf of the customers.

Outsource accounts receivable services or augment your finance department with EA’s remote staff if you want your receivables to liquidate into cash in a smooth and timely manner.

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What is accounts receivable service?

An accounts receivable service or an accounts receivable management service involves the management of your receivables, which includes a range of possible activities, such as ageing analysis, receivables collection, outstanding balances’ follow up, renegotiation of recovery terms, etc.

Yes, accounts receivable management is a customer service since it is connected to your customers.

Receivables’ collection can be done through a systematic follow up with the customers (debtors) who owe balances to your business. Communication with debtors and follow up are an integral part of this process.

Accounts receivable represent balances owed by customers to your business while accounts payable represent balances owed by your business to vendors/suppliers.