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Maintain inventory levels and holding costs at ideal levels with Expertise Accelerated’s support on optimization of inventory management. 

Businesses can choose to be smart by making rational and informed spending decisions across the operational spectrum, from an everyday office chore to long-term investments.

This rule is valid for inventory, too, where the management needs to avoid overspending or underspending as the business will incur extra costs in both cases. Therefore, the management needs to maintain inventories at the optimal level, where it neither ties cash in excess inventory nor incurs the cost of holding idle inventories.

Use Expertise Accelerated to find inventory specialists from its global talent pool who can aid you in finding and maintaining optimal inventory levels where you avoid the costs associated with both excess and idle inventories.

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Inventory Management

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Inventory Balances

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EA’s Inventory Management Services for Optimized Inventory Levels

EA’s Inventory Management Services seek to optimize inventory levels for the client companies to avoid costs associated with inventory excesses or shortages at any point of time.

Outsourcing inventory management to EA essentially means leveraging its staff augmentation expertise to strengthen your supply chain team with its intensively trained, high-quality inventory management consultants/specialists to achieve optimized inventory levels.

EA’s remote supply chain professionals are professionally comparable to their US counterparts but cost a fraction only.

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What are the 4 types of inventory management?

Some of the most common inventory management methods include periodic inventory management, perpetual inventory management and MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) inventory management.

Inventory management refers to the process of maintaining the desired stock levels in order to optimize the stock order and holding quantities.

Good inventory management means maintaining the optimal stock levels where the stock holding and reordering costs are the lowest.

The three major inventory management techniques are the Push, Pull and Just-in-Time (JIT) strategies. In the Push strategy, the inventory moves down the supply chain and the orders are based on the forecasted demand, while in Pull strategy, the inventory moves up the supply chain in response to customer orders. Similar to the pull strategy is the JIT, but with a higher degree of precision, focused on maintaining just the exact quantity of inventory as is required to meet a specific client order.