Demand and Supply Planning

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Maintain your investment in working capital at ideal levels with Expertise Accelerated’s support on demand and supply planning, leveraging Expertise Accelerated’s quality-assured offshore professionals at just 40 percent of the US cost.

The importance of demand and supply planning has increased manifold following the outbreak of the global pandemic in 2019 that caused supply chain disruptions across the global economy.

With supply chain disruptions causing unpredictability in the availability of raw materials and hike in the cost of input, companies are prone to losing phenomenally on over or under-investment in the working capital.

The key to safe cruising here is to have an intact and agile demand and supply planning function, but not all companies can have one due to limited resources or expertise.

Expertise Accelerated leverages its global talent pool to provide you with the human capital you need to optimize your demand and supply planning function, optimizing your working capital investment, manufacturing cost and inventory holding cost.

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Demand and Supply Planning

Demand Planning

  • Generate Demand Plan
  • Previous Period Consumption
  • Sales Input
  • Trade Promotions
  • Revenue Projections

Production Planning

  • Supply Chain Plan
  • Materials Plan
  • Production Plan
  • Capacity Plan

Pre-S&OP Meeting

  • Matrices and Reports
  • Gaps and Resolutions
  • Meeting Agenda

Executive Meeting

  • Review Recommendations
  • Make Decisions
  • Consensus Plan
  • KPIs

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What is meant by demand planning?

Demand planning refers to the process of projecting future demand and synchronizing the output therewith. It is part of a company’s supply chain management function.

What is supply planning process?

Supply planning refers to the process of managing distribution, production and procurement in light of the demand forecasts, keeping in view the inventory-at-hand and capacity bottlenecks.

What is the difference between demand & supply planning?

Demand planning is forecasting the future demand while supply planning is managing the inventory levels in light thereof to ensure that there are no material differences between the expected demand and the production in response to that.

What is an example of demand planning?

Predicting the future customer demand based on historical sales

What are the two types of demand?

In the context of CPG, demand is of two types: independent and dependent.

Independent is the demand for finished products as is not dependent on the demand for any other product.

Dependent is the demand for component parts as their demand is dependent on the number of the finished products or end products being produced.