What is Fractional CFO

Everything to Know About Fractional CFOs

Is it worth hiring a fractional CFO? With the prevailing tumultuous business landscape leaving businesses struggling to survive and thrive, a wide berth of complex financial and managerial challenges has come to the forefront. What businesses need now more than ever is financial leadership.  Someone has to be the pillar holding the business’ financial foundation

Difference between business analyst and product manager

Business Analyst Vs. Product Manager: Career Opportunities and Challenges

As we progress towards a more technological, digitized society, the business landscape demonstrates an ever-growing demand for professionals who can bridge the gap between managerial administration and technical prowess. Business analysts and product managers are two professionals currently hot in the market. They are quite enticing career prospects for people entering the job market. This

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Stay Secure and Competitive with Outsourced Professional Bookkeeping Services

While big corporations have always seen the value in enlisting the help of professional bookkeeping services to take care of their books of accounts and financial statements, the same cannot be said about small businesses. Things are looking quite dire if we look at the stats. According to stats compiled by Forbes, out of a

Demand planning vs. supply planning

Demand Planning vs. Supply Planning An In-Depth Comparison

Running a successful business in the 2020s is a herculean endeavor, to say the least. One of the biggest reasons for this increased difficulty is globalization and the limitless potential of the global market. Businesses now need to think of more than just their locality; the world has become a competitive battlefield for businesses.  With

Personal Finance Management Software

Personal Finance Management Software: E-commerce Integration

Gen Z is rising to the challenge armed with cutting-edge personal finance management software in a world where financial independence is the name of the game. Like investors of any generation, teenage investors come in all classes, from the nervous to the bold. Neither approach is a recipe for financial success. This tech-savvy generation is

What is Staff Augmentation Services

Staff Augmentation Services 101: How to Find the Best Fit for Your Business

Staff augmentation services have been making waves in the US. With so many US business sectors in severe need of personnel in the wake of the Great Resignation, it’s only natural that entrepreneurs and business moguls would search for a way out.   This is precisely the reason why Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Staff Augmentation

Outsourcing Supply Chain Management

Outsourcing: The Future of Supply Chain Management for E-commerce Businesses

The E-commerce industry has certainly flourished into one of the biggest and most profitable business ventures of the 2020s. With a marvelous growth rate of 8.9% in 2023, as well as a projected sales increase of 50% for the US alone in 2023, as reported by Oberlo. E-commerce is on track to overtake the retail

Offshore Accounting Services

Inside: A Proven Blueprint To Be Successful With Offshore Accounting Services

This guide provides a foolproof system that allows ANY company to succeed with offshore accounting services. This system has helped many companies, such as Sara Lee (now Hillshire brands), leverage access to specialized expertise. As a result, dramatically increase their company’s productivity.  Once you have read this guide, you will know the following:  ✔️What to


Restaurant Accounting: 5 Key Sections in the Chart of Accounts

The food business has been booming after quarantine restrictions have eased. Restaurant owners are finally hitting their stride after a harsh two years of stunted growth. New restaurants and family-owned food spots are opening up regularly especially among housewives who have found food sales to be a highly accessible and lucrative avenue for income. Taking

Quickbooks Online Vs Quickbooks Desktop

Making the Right Choice: QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Desktop

In a recent Expertise Accelerated publication on the QuickBooks Online Accountant software, our experts presented a thorough breakdown of the various subscription tiers available for the software to help entrepreneurs and accountants make the best choice for their needs. However, in that article, we deliberately left the subject of QuickBooks Desktop out for brevity and