Financial Plan for Business

How to Develop a Financial Plan for Your Small Business

Ultimate Guide: How to Develop a Financial Plan for Your Small Business Are you thinking of long-term success for your small business? Financial planning can help you achieve business objectives. Achieving long-term business success depends on good preparation, and the most important part of this preparation contains an informed financial plan. This plan outlines a

Hybrid Accounting

Why Hybrid Accounting is the Best Choice for Small Businesses

As an entrepreneur, you may want a cash basis in your accrual—the best of both worlds. Fortunately, there is a third method of accounting called the hybrid accounting. One of the main reasons many small businesses use hybrid accounting is to simplify their bookkeeping while still gaining insights from accrual accounting for larger transactions. For example,

grow an accounting firm

Growing an Accounting Firm Amidst Staffing Shortages: Strategies for Success

How to Grow an Accounting Firm Despite the Ongoing Staffing Shortage. Are you as an accounting firm dealing with the increasing difficulty of finding enough staff? Hiring and keeping employees has become really hard, leading to a shortage of accountants across the industry. Several things are responsible for this issue. The accounting profession is growing

In-House vs. Outsourced Accounting

In-House vs. Outsourced Accounting: Making the Right Choice

In-House vs. Outsourced Accounting: Which is Best for Your Business? Making a choice between in-house versus outsourced accounting is crucial. It can make a big difference on the firm’s financial stability and operational efficiency. Small business communities stand to gain significantly from this discussion, particularly in the context of shifting to a WFH model for

CFOs and controllers

CFOs and Controllers: Role, Responsibilities and Hiring Guide

The Difference Between CFOs and Controllers: Roles, Responsibilities, and Who to Hire for Your Small Business CFOs and controllers are senior accounting roles that drive a business’ finance function. In 2024 the finance function has climbed up to becoming one the most relevant parts of a business. Interest rates are soaring through the roof, and

Trade Promotions

How to Manage Trade Promotions: 5 Tips to Improve Sales and ROI

How to Manage Trade Promotions: 5 Result-Driven Tips to Skyrocket Sales and ROI Effective trade promotions must deliver tangible outcomes to be truly effective. You might have had a good handle on your team’s trade promotion expenses last quarter, but do you know exactly what return on investment (ROI) those efforts brought in? According to Forrester,

Benefits of Hiring a Fractional CFO

Top Benefits of Hiring a Fractional CFO for Your Business

Have you ever thought of hiring a Fractional CFO for your small business? If you run a small business and can’t afford to pay high salaries for experienced CFOs, you still need someone crucial to guide your business to success and growth. So, Fractional CFO services may be the right answer for you! The fractional

How to Become a CFO: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Many accounts dream of the day they can become a CFO. It is the height of the accounting profession, where you shape a business’ future and destiny with your own two hands. It is a prestigious role that only a chosen few ever get to achieve. Only accountants that have climbed the rocky hills of

Trade Promotion ROI

Optimizing Trade Promotion ROI Through Data Analytics

Increasing costs and tough competition leaving your Trade Promotion Management ineffective? Discover data-driven solutions to boost ROI and conquer market challenges. In the dynamic landscape of consumer packaged goods (CPG), trade promotion is a pivotal strategy for driving sales and enhancing brand visibility. However, amidst the ever-evolving market dynamics, traditional approaches to trade promotions often

inventory management

Top 10 Benefits of Inventory Management for Small Businesses

Inventory management is a crucial part of business management. 2024 is shaping up to be one of the worst economic years of the decade so far. Interest rates are soaring through the roof and businesses are panicking, trying to find ways to control costs. Survival is the order of the day. Rather than growth, maintaining