How Can I Have My Staff Augmentation Solutions Tailored?

In the tumultuous business climate that has persisted since the beginning of the decade, now more than ever businesses need ways to cut down costs and maximize revenue to stay standing. With consistent external roadblocks such as Covid-19 and the tense geopolitical situation in different parts of the world plunging the global economy into recession, many small businesses in the US experienced temporary or even permanent closures. In this harsh business landscape, outsourcing and staff augmentation have gained immense importance, and entrepreneurs today are contemplating investing in remote and offshore talent to meet resource requirements.

What is a tailored staff augmentation solution?

Staff augmentation in particular has seen a lot of growth as an industry, in part due to the versatility and flexibility that high-quality, reliable, knowledge-driven and specialized staff augmentation firms, such as Expertise Accelerated, offer today.

What tailoring essentially implies is that the staff provided by a staff augmentation service will be the best fit for the client’s business and customized to meet their demands. Every business is different and has unique resource requirements, and finding an employee or a group of employees skilled in a range of functions for specific roles in the business is next to impossible today, except through hefty investment of time and money.
This is where staff augmentation comes in. With staff augmentation, businesses can leave the heavy lifting to the third-party service provider, and focus on developing the business further. High-quality service providers for staff augmentation services ensure that they carry the burden of recruiting and training the best fit for the client company. Expertise Accelerated not only hires high-quality accounting & finance and supply chain professionals, but also trains and ensures the performance of the augmented staff.

How can I have my staff augmentation solutions tailored?

staff augmentation solution

There are many factors that go into creating a tailored staff augmentation experience. As with any industry, staff augmentation also has a wide variety of providers of varying quality to choose from. The best staff augmentation service providers are those who can provide competent human resources that best fit the needs of each individual business. To this end, here is a step-by-step short guide to finding the right staff augmentation solution for your business.

Evaluating the Business Requirements

As an entrepreneur, it is imperative to first evaluate your business and its needs before looking for a staff augmentation solution. The first thing business owners must assess is their staffing requirements. What personnel is the business lacking and is it important enough to warrant new hiring. Secondly, are there any employees that must be let go off due to performance issues, and how feasible is it to find a replacement. By assessing the needs of the business, an entrepreneur can identify specific resource requirements for the business’ well-being. With a clear picture of the resource requirements, entrepreneurs can move to the next step, figuring out what type of staff augmentation they need.

Finding the Right Staff Augmentation Solution

Staff augmentation is generally perceived as hiring manpower from gigantic service providers, but, in fact, online freelancing is also a form of staff augmentation where a contracted third party helps with an in-house business function. Individual freelancers or freelancing agencies are sufficient to meet requirements of sole proprietors or small businesses that need assistance with low-volume mundane tasks. However, functions with high volume and complexity need a more concrete solution: a high-quality and reliable staff augmentation specialist, such as the Expertise Accelerated.

Choosing a Service Provider

Arguably the most difficult step to achieving an optimized and tailored staff augmentation solution is figuring out which service provider to go with. References from industry peers and market research are the most common methods to go about it. The research will give a preliminary idea, but an introductory meeting with the service provider’s representative can help seal the deal.

Companies are typically inclined toward low-cost solutions, but at the same time desiring the highest possible service quality. Cost and quality usually do not go hand in hand. In most cases, there is a tradeoff between cost and quality, and a low cost comes with a low quality.

However, leveraging a combination of onshore expertise with handpicked offshore talent, Expertise Accelerated has developed unique staff augmentation methodologies to deliver high-quality service at a highly affordable cost. Professionals trained and deployed by Expertise Accelerated are proven to cost 60 percent less while being professionally comparable or even superior to their local counterparts in the US.


One of the biggest advantages associated with staff augmentation is receiving a tailored experience that best fits the business’ needs. When it comes to tailoring, it largely comes down to the service provider you opt for. Staff augmentation specialists like Expertise Accelerated are the best choice for recruiting high-quality accounting & finance and supply chain professionals as they bring along the training of US industry experts as well as professional expertise and knowledge while costing only a fraction of the US cost.

Expertise Accelerated as Staff Augmentation Specialist

Expertise Accelerated is a Connecticut-based outsourcing and staff augmentation specialist for accounting & finance and supply chain services which is is committed to delivering 60 percent quality-assured payroll savings to its US clients.

Expertise Accelerated pursues a unique service methodology that seeks to optimize cost and quality simultaneously, and this reflects in its rigorous recruitment procedures and its US CPA team training these remote professionals for client-specific roles. Such professionals have proven as strategic fits for client companies.

Expertise Accelerated provides high-quality remote professionals for a range of accounting and finance and supply chain roles to help US SMEs achieve cost and process efficiency and added value in their business operations.

Expertise Accelerated CEO Haroon Jafree (CPA)

Haroon Jafree (CPA) spearheads Expertise Accelerated with the aim of helping US SMEs cruise competitively through the prevailing turbulent times. Haroon is a turnaround, cost optimization, and process reengineering expert with 20+ years of US CPG industry experience. Trade spend management is one of his specializations. He has served for over a decade at C-suite level as well, including the roles of COO and CFO. He has a proven track record of delivering phenomenal payroll savings to notable US CPG brands.


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