Is it possible to find on-demand professional accounting resources

Is It Possible to Find On-Demand Professional Accounting Resources?

In the US, skilled professional accounting resources are in high demand with a relatively short supply in 2022. In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses worldwide are left with numerous job openings without the talent to fill them. Combine this predicament with today’s highly dynamic business trends. It requires businesses to have skilled talent on demand, and it can become an insurmountable hurdle to overcome.

Is it possible to find on-demand professional accounting resources?

In such a business climate, a popular question has come to the forefront: Is it possible to find on-demand professional resources, especially in specialized fields like accounting & finance?

The answer to this question is a big “yes”. On-demand professional resources are highly desired by companies today. The tedious hiring process as well as the growing demands of US professionals for increased compensation. Have led companies to look outward at the global talent pool for a solution.

Harvard Business Review in their publication titled “Rethinking the On-Demand Workforce”. Highlights marketplaces for premium talent as a popular solution to meet the growing demand for professionals. However, in a survey of 700 businesses, they found that most businesses only. Ever leveraged such solutions on an ad hoc basis to meet an emergency demand. This indicates a great amount of potential in the marketplace for premium talent being left unexplored by businesses. It was mainly due to a lack of confidence in the long-term sustainability of the solution.

When it comes to accounting, however, businesses are caught between a rock and a hard place. Accounting is an integral function of any business, and entrepreneurs cannot simply cycle through multiple temporarily hired accountants. At the same time, the cost of hiring in-house accounting staff is far too much to be sustainable for small businesses in the long run. The only way out of this conundrum is to consider hiring from the global talent pool on a long-term basis. This is precisely where Expertise Accelerated’s strategic staff augmentation services shine as the beacon of hope for businesses searching for just the right accounting solution.

What is EA?

Expertise Accelerated is a Connecticut-based outsourcing and staff augmentation specialist for accounting & finance and supply chain services. Led by Haroon Jafree (CPA), EA’s mission is to open the doors to the global accounting talent pool for US businesses and be their guide to finding the right process and resource solutions for them.

How does EA solve the problem?

how EA solve the problem

EA understands the concerns US businesses have when it comes to hiring through a third-party service provider, the biggest of which is the lack of faith in the sustainability of the remote-work model, as well as quality and security concerns. EA addresses these concerns by forging a long-term relationship with its US clients using a unique staff augmentation methodology.

How EA implements its remote work mode

Remote work has experienced a massive spike in popularity in the corporate world following the Covid-19 pandemic. While the physical offices are up and running again in 2022, it is undeniable that remote work is also here to stay. Even today, many entrepreneurs do not have faith in long-term business relations with offshore remote professionals.

Considering the sensitivity of the accounting function, it is natural for the management to be averse to divulging sensitive accounting & finance information to a freelancer or a freelancing company.

EA, however, is not part of the crowd. What EA provides to businesses is a robust solution to their accounting professional needs on demand. EA is an organization that connects entrepreneurs to highly skilled accounting professionals, all vetted by veteran industry experts. EA bears the burden of training high-quality handpicked accounting & finance and supply chain professionals to carve them into strategic fits for the client companies.

EA’s promise of quality

At EA, we take great pride in the accounting talent we provide. EA implements its unique staff augmentation methodology of providing tailored solutions to suit clients’ specific needs. A few months ago, we elaborated on the idea of tailored staff augmentation solutions in an article titled “How Can I Have My Staff Augmentation Solutions Tailored?”

In essence, EA offers businesses the chance to have professional accounting resources tailored to their specific needs. EA provides high-quality remote professionals who are professionally comparable to their US counterparts but come at a fraction of the total cost.

EA’s security measures

With accounting and finance-related work largely being digital today, there is always a fear of the data being lost or compromised. At EA, we ensure that our professionals are technologically literate and compliant with all applicable regulations. Our client’s data security is our top priority, and all-out measures are taken to ensure data security.

EA’s staff augmentation doctrine: the way forward

Expertise Accelerated follows a unique service doctrine that seeks to optimize cost and quality simultaneously, and this reflects in its rigorous recruitment procedures and its US CPA team training these remote professionals for client-specific roles. Such professionals have proven as strategic fits for client companies.

We believe that staff augmentation will become an essential corporate practice in the future. And, even today, EA’s clientele celebrates the cost and process efficiencies delivered by its unique and quality-assured staff augmentation services.