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A Cup of Coffee


A routine workday is quite imperfect without a cup of coffee. Whether you are an owner of a company or a C-suite struggling with accounting and numbers, a cup of coffee remains the much-needed serotonin for a healthier, optimistic, and fulfilling day.

We, at Expertise Accelerated, believe that work breaks are synonyms for a cup of coffee. In fact, we use these breaks as an excuse to socialize, discuss new ideas, and share a couple of jokes!

Coffee Before Work Hours

Most in the corporate world choose to partner with a soothing cup of coffee before work hours to boost focus and concentration.

In today’s competing work culture, the amount of workload overwhelms us. Drinking a cup of coffee calms and boosts our mental as well as physical state.

Fights Anxiety

A cup of coffee helps reduce anxiety, increase focus, and boosts productivity owing to the presence of caffeine in it.

Espresso or Expresso?

Oh, the ever-lasting battle. Is it Espresso or Expresso? Most people prefer the former, however, the latter choice is not entirely wrong with the Italian term meaning “pressed out”.

Moreover, coffee goes through an intense brewing process at high temperatures, forcing the water under high pressure through finely-ground coffee beans. Another reason to call it “Expresso”.

Unfortunately for the people calling it “Expresso”, The Oxford Dictionary of American Usage and Style (2000) describes the spelling as “wrong” and specifies espresso as the only correct form.

Prevents Chronic Diseases

Research suggests that coffee consumption may help prevent several chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes mellitus.

A study consisting of more than 17,000 subjects found that the risk of developing type 2 diabetes was 50% lower in those who regularly consumed at least 7 cups of coffee than those who drank 2 cups or less.

Furthermore, a case study consisting of more than 8000 Japanese-American men found that those who drank at least 3.5 cups of coffee regularly were 3.5 times less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease over the next 24-30 years than those who did not.

Some Interesting Facts

Espresso actually contains less caffeine than dilute coffees do.

In Italy, espresso represents a universally recognized benchmark as being a great pleasure and symbol of Italian culture, owing to its moderate stimulating yet calming characteristics.

Evidence suggests that coffee was first cultivated in the Arabian Peninsula (Yemen) by the twelfth century.

Coffee became popular in Europe in the 16th century.

The bottom line

A cup of coffee is more than just a cup for people around the world.

For some, it is the fresh air that allows them to write; for some, it is a pain killer following a long day; and for us, it is an enchanting potion that helps us in building genuine and compassionate relationships with our valuable clients.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a Free Consultation with our CEO, Haroon Jafree (CPA), who would love to share a cup of coffee with you and a savings roadmap for your company!


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