Top 9 Outsourcing Types: Multiply Your Firm’s Productivity

Top 9 Outsourcing Types: Find A Perfect Fit for Your Business

Hiring the right outsourcing type for your business tasks is decisive for driving sustainable business growth and gaining financial freedom.

Amidst reports of Apple exploring the possibility of outsourcing AI models to Google, it prompts reflection on whether outsourcing could similarly enhance your company’s operations, and which among the leading outsourcing types would be most advantageous for your business.

Before going for an outsourcing type, business owners should evaluate their business needs. They can do this by asking themselves different questions to find out what they may be looking for in an outsourcing firm.

 Since every outsourcing type offers unique advantages and challenges, it is imperative that business owners consider their needs. They can also consult a business expert on this who can help them make an informed decision.

 Moreover, it is also important that while going for an outsourcing type, business owners consider their budget, allocating a higher budget to outsourcing during the starting phase of your business might not be a good idea.

A successful outsourcing experience requires detailed planning, clear expectations and transparency. Hence, when going for an outsourcing type, highlight your expectations and requirements without hesitation to the service provider to avoid future hindrances. This can help build a seamless outsourcing experience.

Top 9 Outsourcing Types

Following are the top nine outsourcing types that we have covered to help you make an informed decision about your outsourcing strategies.

1. Professional Outsourcing

Professional outsourcing refers to the process of handing over your specific service like bookkeeping from a department such as accounting to an external service provider instead of outsourcing the entire accounting at once. If you are struggling with maintaining your bookkeeping records, you can outsource it to an external, reliable accounting service provider. This way you can gain access to expert bookkeeping insight while focusing on strategic business areas.

Professional outsourcing covers a range of services from accounting to IT support. The main benefit you get through this is access to professional resources who are updated with industry trends and can help you make informed data-driven decisions.

2. Software Development Outsourcing

When you outsource the development, maintenance and support of software applications, you are implementing a software development outsourcing strategy. This happens when you require software engineers on a contract bases. Usually, firms that do not provide software services employ this type of outsourcing. For instance, a restaurant might choose to hire an outsourcing firm that can develop a new software for it.

With software development outsourcing, you can gain access to high quality software engineers who can develop a software of your choice in a specific timeframe. You also do not have to worry in case the software starts malfunctioning, you can just contact the outsourcing support team and they can help you out.

3. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

BPO, also known as process-specific outsourcing or operational outsourcing, involves handing off specific business processes to external service providers that specialize in those business functions. Some of these processes might not be directly related to your core expertise but are still necessary for smooth operations.

4. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

This happens when you hire an external service provider to manage your company’s decisive and technical tasks. Business owners can implement this process outsourcing when they require expert resources in the core areas of their business. While going for this type of outsourcing, business owners should make sure that they are hiring reliable outsourcing providers as they will be managing the key areas of their business.

5. Project Outsourcing

Project outsourcing refers to when a company assigns a specific project to external service providers. This project includes specific deadlines, tasks, objectives and scope. This project then is completed by the outsourcing service provider within the set timeframe and budget. This can help when business owners are looking for a temporary project to be completed and do not want to hire costly in-house resources for it.

6. Manufacturing Outsourcing

Manufacturing outsourcing is when you hire an external product seller to provide you with the required products. For instance, a restaurant might hire an external appliances provider to meet their needs. This type of outsourcing is mostly used in electronics, CPG and automotive industries.

7. Onshore Outsourcing

Onshore outsourcing is a process in which a company hires an external service provider that provides services within the same country. This type of outsourcing is more accessible and time zone friendly. The outsourcing team can even commute to your work location that can help build better communication and manage expectations.

8. Nearshore Outsourcing

Nearshore outsourcing means when a company delegates its specific tasks to an external service provider located in nearby or neighboring countries. This can be advantageous when there are low cost resources available in your neighboring countries and there is not that big of a time zone difference either.

9. Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing means when a company outsources or hire external service providers that are located in a different country or geographical location. This type of outsourcing comes with several advantages such as low resource costs, access to a pool of global talent, and availability of resources in different time zones.


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