Must-Know CPG Trends to Boost Your Brand Presence

Must-Know CPG Trends to Boost Your Brand Presence

There are reasons why Procter & Gamble is the best CPG brand across the US. The company has killer marketing methods that make its consumers keep coming back to them and leave their competitors far behind.

The CPG industry is ever-evolving. It’s not a choice but a necessity for CPG brands to place a strong emphasis on being market-relevant.

Consumer behaviors are evolving, too; We see more skepticism from customers toward traditional marketing methods. Plus, consumers have choices. If they don’t like Simple Orange, they switch to Tropicana’s orange juice.

To meet the increasing goods demands and prices, CPGs should familiarize themselves with the emerging CPG trends, which include increasing their digital media presence and making their websites more accessible to consumers.

Staying in tune with the current CPG industry trends helps build a strong brand presence. CPG brands can understand what consumers expect and focus on creating emotional ties with them.

Top 7 Must-Know CPG Marketing Trends 

Build a strong brand presence that your customers cannot fail to notice. Give your customers what they really want from you and have them keep coming back to you. How? By staying in tune with these top 7 CPG marketing trends:

1- Exceeding Customer’s Expectations

Most customers stop buying from a brand not because of its product prices but because of an unsatisfying experience. This can include difficulty finding the required goods, no refund policy, displaying expired products, and unfriendly staff.

Today, customers prefer convenience rather than a reputable brand name. If you are making the purchasing process easier for them, it is likely that they will become returning customers. The purchasing process should be fast, easier, and reliable, offering a refund policy if the items fall below standard.

2- Digital Marketing

Many CPG firms have already taken this initiative to acquire new customers and convert current into repeating customers. The increasing reliance on digital channels such as social media makes it easier for consumers to find a reliable brand for their CPG needs.

Ensure your CPG website is updated and easily accessible to your customers. Stay updated with industry trends and keep promoting your brand on social media to gain more engagement from your customers.

Further, with the increasing use of social channels like Instagram, influencer marketing can help CPG firms attract new customers and build trust with their current customers. Investing in a social media influencer from the same industry as your brand can help you reach out to new customers who might be looking for the personalized services you only offer.

CPG brands are utilizing data analytics to learn to offer personalized product recommendations and experiences based on their customers’ behaviors. This can help build customer relationships and stock products that are tailored to your audiences’ specific preferences.

A real-life success story is Oreo: Dunk in the Dark. Oreo’s marketing team was fast enough to capitalize on a power outage during the 2013 Super Bowl when they swiftly tweeted, “Power out? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark.” Oreo, an American sandwich brand known for its Oreo cookies, gained considerable engagement and attracted a new audience after the tweet.

 Similarly, CPG firms today should be on the lookout for industry-related trends and engage in fruitful discussions to promote their brand presence.

3- Invest in Self-care Products

With pollution on the rise, the sales of self-care products have significantly increased. More and more people are buying skin care products to take care of their skin health better. Further, plant-based products are also in demand these days. Most people go green to save the environment and improve health by eating greens. Stocking plant-based, nutrient-rich products can be a decisive step for CPG firms toward boosting their brand presence.

4- Data-drive Strategy

With the changing consumer behaviors, CPG brands are also adapting to new business models, which include faster response time, transparency of data, and accessibility. Further, CPG firms can consider analyzing consumer behavior to improve their services and better serve their customers. Thus, hiring a data analyst or outsourcing one who can help you study your target audience is recommended.

5- Flexible Payment Options

As online shopping continues to grow, consumers rely heavily on online payment methods. Ensure your CPG firm offers credit card payments, PayPal, Cash on Delivery (COD), and Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services.

There have been innovations in packaging solutions, which include smart packaging offering interactive features, longer expiration dates, and aesthetic product designs for consumers.

Moreover, some consumers show a preference for locally sourced organic products. It is suggested that CPG firms also partner with local communities. Further, engaging with local communities by participating in community events and supporting local initiatives can help you build a positive brand image in the US. This can also increase customer loyalty.

6- Transparent Supply Chains

Being transparent about the origin and journey of ingredients can help you build trust with your consumers, especially those who are conscious of what they consume. This can include fitness enthusiasts, vegans, and people who have allergies. This also implies that you follow best practices in producing products like cleanliness.

7- Outsource Your Accounting

Focused on developing business strategies, CPG owners seldom get the time to do their accounting. Hiring an outsourcing accounting firm can streamline this process and help you stay updated with your finances. Further, you can access expert accounting advice through outsourcing, which can help your firm gain a financial foothold in the CPG industry.

Discover How CPG Brands Are Making the Most of Their Resources

CPG brands have a lot on their plate, from managing operations to staying current with the latest CPG industry trends. It’s not shocking that up to 85% of new CPG products fail within two years.

Often, it’s the simplest changes that you make in your business that can have the biggest impact.

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