risk and risk management

Outsourced Accounting: Risks and Risk Management

Entrepreneurs beware! While outsourced accounting may seem like the ultimate solution to all your accounting woes, it is not without its share of risks and dangers.  Outsourced accounting has become one of the most coveted alternatives to an in-house accountant in the US. According to a 2019 report by Clutch, 37% of small businesses in

CPG companies

Empowering CPG Companies with Data-Driven Financial Analytics

CPG companies hold the power to shape consumer behavior and preferences while constantly adapting to the ever-changing market trends and demands, making them a fascinating and dynamic force in the business world. Money makes the world go round, but for CPG companies, the insights they derive from financial analytics are driving their success. From predicting

Guide to Cyber Security

A Guide to Cyber Risk Management in Business Accounting

Cyber risk management is a key function in businesses today, as almost everything to do with business information is stored in a hard drive or cloud server somewhere in the world. The accounting and finance department in particular has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to technological integrations like cloud accounting and automation, more on

outsourced accounting service

A Guide to Outsourced Accounting Services for Thriving in Today’s Economic Climate

Are you tired of drowning in a sea of financial paperwork while struggling to keep your business afloat in a turbulent economy? It’s time to outsource your accounting services and let the experts guide you toward a prosperous future. Discover the essential guide to outsourced accounting services and take your business to new heights. Outsourced

challenges and solutions for accounting

Top 5 Challenges in Modern Accounting & Their Solutions: Strategies for Success

In the movie “The Accountant,” we see a skilled and unconventional accountant navigating complex financial situations with ease, but in reality, the challenges are not always so easy to overcome.  With the world of finance rapidly evolving, accounting professionals face numerous challenges that demand innovative solutions. From adapting to emerging technologies to balancing short-term financial

E-Commerce Accounting In 2023

A Comprehensive Guide To E-Commerce Accounting In 2023

When it comes to e-commerce, accounting is often overlooked in favor of marketing and sales. But the truth is, neglecting your finances can be a costly mistake. Learn why e-commerce accounting should be a top priority for any online business owner Gone are the days when accounting was a tedious and time-consuming task that required

Proactive customer service: A Comprehensive Guide for Business Owners

Proactive customer service: A Comprehensive Guide for Business Owners

Attention all business owners! Are you tired of constantly putting out fires with angry customers? Well, it’s time to take a proactive approach to customer service and avoid getting burned! Get ready to be the hero your customers deserve with our comprehensive guide to proactive customer service. Trust us, your customers will thank you, and

Unlocking the Power of NetSuite’s Invoice Automation for Your Business

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, every minute counts. Time is money, and the more time spent on repetitive tasks, the less time to focus on strategic initiatives that can grow the business.  That’s why businesses worldwide are turning to automation to streamline processes and boost efficiency. And when it comes to streamlining the invoicing process,