Fractional CFO

The Responsibilities and Importance of Fractional CFOs

Efficiently managing the accounting function poses a great challenge to small and medium-sized businesses in today’s financially uncertain business landscape. The volatile economy further exacerbates the already crippling issue. With the cost of everything across the board hiking up by the day, controlling costs demands making strategic choices to keep the business running. The plain


The Advantages of Outsourced CFO Services for Start-Ups

Finances are some of the trickiest parts of a start-up as far as management is concerned. Most of the initial responsibilities that entrepreneurs and the core team must take up when trying to get the start-up going are relatively easy to learn and manage without much experience or training. Finances, however, require entrepreneurs to dedicate

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Outsourcing Your CFO

The 2020s have not been kind to the global economy, with various geo-political situations and the Covid-19 pandemic resulting in the closure of thousands, if not millions, of businesses worldwide. Amid cutthroat competition in a financially uncertain and economically volatile environment, businesses today are forced to make many difficult choices. In a prior publication titled